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Fri Apr 17 10:14:15 EEST 2020

Hi all,
These pens have been restored inside and outside and are ready to fill with ink and use, unless noted otherwise.

If you see one or more pens that you like, please reply to me at:

michael at northwestpenworks.com

If you intend to make a purchase, please read "Rules, Shipping, Etc." at the bottom of this post.
#1. 1946 Parker "51" fountain pen in Cedar Blue with sterling silver cap.  The cap has three or four very tiny and shallow bump marks, but you really have to look for them. Most of the plating is gone from the cap and it has a bit of tarnish, mostly under the clip. I noticed in the photos that the blind cap was not screwed on all the way, but it is now. The nib is a smooth writing Fine 14K. This has a Vacumatic fill system. It is a full length 51.
Price $165.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc.below."

2. Teens or 1920's Sheaffer's number 34 in black chased hard rubber. The clip is marked "SHEAFFER-CLIP". The hard rubber has some discoloration, as you can can see in the photo with the cap off. The clip and lever are made of nickel silver and they have some tarnish. There are no cracks in the rubber or other major damage. The nib is a Mabie Todd (NY) 14K number 4 Fine. It is reasonably smooth and Very Flexible with little pressure. The overall size is similar to a Waterman's 55. Capped the pen measures 5 3/8 inches. 

Price $175.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc.below."

3. 1938 Parker Shadow Wave in emerald green. The filler unit is an aluminum lock-down Vacumatic and moves freely once released. The clip and cap bands have brassing and the bottom cap band is a bit loose. The blind cap appears to be a replacement from a Parker Challenger or similar pen. The clear barrel segments are darkly ambered. The nib is a very smooth writing Fine 14K arrow. Capped the pen measures 4 3/4 inches. 

Price $135.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc.below."

4. 1920's Diamond Pen Point Co. fountain pen in red and black wood grain plastic. The only damage I found is a bit of brassing on the lever tab and the ball of the clip has brassing. This is a nice looking pen, although it is a bit hard to tell from the photos that I took in ambient lighting. The nib is a Flexible Fine warranted 14K. Capped the pen measures 5 3/16 inches. It is a somewhat slender pen. 

Price $135.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc.below."

5. circa 1929 Parker Duofold Junior Streamline Fountain pen in black. The pen is in near perfect condition, no brassing, etc. It does have some slight discoloration on the BHR cap end. It has a nice clear, sharp barrel imprint. The nib is an Extra Fine 14K with a "spear feed". Capped the pen measures 4 9/16 inches. It would be difficult to find a nicer example than this one.
Price $155.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc.below."

6. circa 1928 Waterman's number 0552 set, in the Sheraton gold filled pattern. The back side of the pencil has a couple of shallow bump marks on the back side next to the crown. There is no other damage to report. The pen has no names or initials, but the pencil has the letters E.C.P. in italic block capital letters and a presentation line under the initials. The nib is a very smooth writing Flexible fat Fine or Medium 14K, and it has generous ink flow. Capped the pen measures 5 7/16 inches. The set is in overall Excellent condition. 

Price reduced to $375.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.
Rules, Shipping, Etc.

The usual rules apply, the person sending the first e-mail on an item
~stating intent to purchase~ gets the item. I will give you 5 days to
decide if you like the pen or not. I prefer payment by PayPal but also
accept checks or money orders in USD. I can only accept payment by
PayPal from countries outside the U.S. I ship worldwide, so
international customers are always welcome.

Prices are post paid in the U.S., and will be shipped with a tracking
number and insurance. I normally ship inside the U.S. by U.S.
Postal Service Priority Mail. I also ship to other countries by Priority
Mail. I can also ship to other countries by Express International Mail,
if you request it, but it is costly.

Return Policy: I will always allow pens, or other items, to be
returned. If there is a problem I would prefer the chance to fix the problem
or replace the item, when and if possible. Otherwise a full refund
will be offered. If you find a problem and choose to send the item
(pen, mechanical pencil, etc.) to someone else to be corrected, I will
not be responsible for any other problems.

Happy penning!

Michael McNeil

E-mail:  michael at northwestpenworks.com
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