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I was in his shop in London, many years ago. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling boxes and boxes of nibs. I still have quite a few. 




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I’m passing along here a notice I received about an exhibition (link embedded) relating to the late Philip Poole, one of Britain’s leading resources for pens and nibs used by artists, cartoonists and calligraphers. Just a reminder that ink pens are used for more than just writing letters! However, one element of the exhibit shows the many letters and drawings Mr. Poole received from his grateful customers.


The Cartoon Museum’s latest exhibition, Dear Mr. Poole, is online at https://www.cartoonmuseum.org/online-exhibition. Oliver writes: ‘It had a fantastic review in The Times, but unfortunately on the day we closed.’ Philip Poole sold pen nibs to cartoonists, comic artists, illustrators, designers and calligraphers around the world for more than 70 years. He was internationally renowned for his unparalleled knowledge of nibs and antique writing equipment, and for owning the largest collection of pen nibs in the world. Many of Philip’s clients gave him a piece of their work as a gesture of gratitude and respect. The exhibition presents a selection of these letters and artworks given to Poole in the period 1980–1999.

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