[Zosslist] Fakes!

Saul Goldberg saulgoldie at verizon.net
Fri Aug 21 19:20:51 EEST 2020

Hello to All,I have noticed several ads on Facebook that pretend to be selling Duofolds and Montblancs for impossible prices. The ads use actual pictures of these marquee pens. But you know that they are not genuine. The ads keep popping up with different sellers, which are very likely spoofed.
I have reported these ads. But Facebook does not seem to be very effective at restricting them. Please tell your friends. And comment in the comments when you see them. These attempts diminish the value of the genuine pens, and may deter possible new "recruits" to our brand of insanity.

ALSO, there are some Lamys being offered on ebay, also for prices that strain credulity. The pics show a LAMY imprint on the nib. But they still do not seem genuine.
Sad times in so many ways. Stay strong, pen afficianados!
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