[Zosslist] Lamy Safari ballpoint adapters

John Hubbard john at jehubbard.com
Wed Aug 26 16:19:37 EEST 2020

Hello Scott,


Saw your post on Zoss list and thought I might be able to help. Here are
some things I found:


This first one is an adapter that uses a D1 mini refill. The D1 is available
from many sources, including Fisher.



This one is just a picture, but it seems to show a Fisher Space Pen refill
adapted into the Safari using what appears to be an empty ink cartridge.



This is a link to a page on Shapeways where "Tofty" has a bunch of different
adapters available for print on demand. Partway down the page you will see
several adapters that fit the Lamy and use different refills, including D1,
UNI SXR-80, and Parker G2.



Hope this helps.



John Hubbard aka BamaPen


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