[Zosslist] Free caartridges

R. Paul Martin zosslist375a64a2 at glib.com
Tue Sep 1 02:59:33 EEST 2020

On 2020-08-31 16:44, David Silber wrote:
> Dear Zoss Readers,  > > Just tried to use some "slim cartridge II cartridges to refill my 
 > Sheaffer Imperial. They don't fit. I took myself and pen to > 
Bertram's Inkwell in Rockville, and got the ones that do fit.. But, I > 
have a few of the old ones, and Bert said that anyone with an old > 
cartridge pen might want one or two--they are not available. They > are 
free for the cost of packing and mailing them to you. If you > want one 
or two, drop me a note (Email address: > noyesville at yahoo.com)
Yeah, those are scarce, they're another orphaned cartridge, I know from 

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