[Zosslist] Parker "Sonnet" pens.

David Silber noyesville at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 12 20:29:55 EEST 2020

Recently, either here or on Pentrace, there was some discussion about pens offered on Ebay at prices so low, they were probably knock-offs.   So, I ordered one, a Parker "Sonnet," for a total, with shipping, of about $15.75.   A couple of days ago, it arrived, from China, in a box marked both "Parker" and with LOTS of Chinese characters.  It says Parker, France, Sonnet, and writes quite well.  But, it is much lighter than a Parker, and the material appears to be something unlike the plastic Parker uses.    It has a converter, and the nib is quite smooth.  I'd say, for the price, it's a good example of what the Chinese pen industry is getting better at:  a smooth writer at a comfortable price.  After I've used a month or two, I'll update this report.

Dave Silber

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