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Hi David,

When I first started collecting pens in 2001/2002, Waterman "Florida 
Blue" seemed to be the ink that was most recommended if you wanted
a free-flowing blue ink. If you wanted a free-flowing purplish ink, 
Private Reserve "Tanzanite" was its purple "Ex-Lax" counterpart.

Back to Waterman.....In 2011, Waterman changed the name of their 
inks---"Florida Blue" became "Serenity Blue", "Blue-Black" became
"Mysterious Blue" and "South Sea Blue" became "Inspired Blue". There's a 
video about the name change (along with ink samples, so you
can see which one is darkest) here: 

Hope this helps,

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> Hello ZossList,
> There was a particular type of Waterman ink that sometimes is called the
> "ExLax of Inks" because it makes the most recalcitrant of fountain pens
> flow nicely.
> Waterman changed the names of their inks!
> Which one was it?
> They now have:
> In order of "darkness" according to the photos of the ink.
> Serenity Blue (looks almost blue green)
> Inspired Blue (looks watery)
> Mysterious Blue (looks deeper blue).
> I'd like to find Ex-Lax type ink that is dark enough to read for my old
> tired eyes.
> What do you think?
> Regards,
> David
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