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Here’s what I remember, which may be completely wrong: 


If you opened a bottle of Waterman ink 10 or so years ago it had a unique smell. The ink was made with phenol to retard mold growth. I think this also improved, or at least increased, the flow. I think all of their ink colors were made this way. 


Eventually they removed the phenol because it violated safety standards, because the ink wasn’t safe to drink (really!). Odor gone also. 


In the same time frame Waterman decided that in the new ink world boring color names like “black” or “blue/black” were no longer competitive. Hence, “Intense black,” Serenety Blue, and “Mysterious Blue”


IMO – the colors appear the same to my eye. I still think Waterman is a higher flow ink. Still use and like them. 


I never tried all the old colors, or all of the new colors. I’ve used black, blue/black, blue – old and new – and think they are all very useable with excellent flow. I don’t notice any particular flow difference between these three. 


Hope that helps,



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Hello ZossList,


There was a particular type of Waterman ink that sometimes is called the "ExLax of Inks" because it makes the most recalcitrant of fountain pens flow nicely.


Waterman changed the names of their inks!


Which one was it?


They now have:


In order of "darkness" according to the photos of the ink.


Serenity Blue (looks almost blue green)

Inspired Blue (looks watery)

Mysterious Blue (looks deeper blue).


I'd like to find Ex-Lax type ink that is dark enough to read for my old tired eyes.


What do you think?






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