[Zosslist] Paper, Paper, Paper!

D.J.J. Ring, Jr. n1ea at arrl.net
Thu Oct 29 23:06:52 EET 2020

Years ago, I tried all sorts of paper and found that HP Premium Laser paper
was excellent for fountain pens.

Now I see that HP Paper division no longer sells such paper, it's now
multi-use - that is for ink jet and laser jet, while years ago you couldn't
interchange the two without horrible results and most importantly, fountain
pen ink didn't work well on ink jet printer, it feathered and showed
through to the other side (ghosting.)

If I was happy with HP Premium Laser Paper, what do people recommend?

I have tried Staples Nature's Choice - supposedly a bamboo  fiber paper -
but I'm guessing it's not so good for broad and italic pens, not bad but
doesn't leave sharp hairlines with flex nibs.

So back to HP Premium LASER paper which doesn't exist.

Anything as good as that was?

David Ring
Green Harbor, MA
*Gopher Hole:*  gopher://sdf.org/1/users/djringjr/ (native or with
Firefox's Overbite extension) or via http to gopher gateway

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