[Zosslist] Upcoming at Pendemonium & Thanks

PENDEMONIUM pendemonium at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 00:09:53 EET 2020

Hello fellow Zossies!   Just wanted to thank those of you who took
advantage of and found some cool vintage fountain pens during our FP Day
Sale this past Friday - Thanks!

We invite you to sign up for our three weekly Pendemonium eNewsletter, Inky
Midnight Madness every Monday, Inky Greetings every Thursday and Inky
Greetings Lite which varies on release day.   Here's a direct link to sign
up to receive these:  http://www.pendemonium.com/enews.htm

Thanks and we hope you have a great week!

Inkily yours, Sam and Frank

Pendemonium LLC
PO Box 4088 - Kingman AZ 86402-4088
928.757.PENS (7367)
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