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Fri Nov 27 20:19:07 EET 2020

Hello to all,

Here the newest issue of Foolish Magazine the digital journal about writing
instruments, fountain pens, calligraphy, and many other topics as: Aurora
Etiopia, Gotica Fraktur, Forcella Pen, Stilnova Extra Desk Set, Aurora
Talentum, Edelberg Tachys, Herbin Inks, Parafernalia Inks and more as
watches, photography etc...

It's made in italian but we are working  on the international edition which
will arrive in the early months of 2021.
Hope you like it.

Digital edition is available free on issuu:

Direct link of the issue #10 of Foolish Magazine:

Missing the past publishings? Don't worry all are available on issuu

All is free, so keep an eye and enjoy with Foolish Magazine!
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