[Zosslist] To use or not to use...when to keep a pen mint...

David Silber noyesville at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 1 17:33:57 EET 2020

 Dear Paco and other Zossers,

Throwing my hat and vote in with the others, except in one respect:  Once a person buys a pen from me (or anyone, for that matter) it's theirs to do with as they wish.  if you want to keep it un-inked, fine, though as others have written, it undermines the reason for having a pen in the first place.  
A fair number of pen fanciers have a large inventory of inks and pens, to use for different purposes, or simply to write in different hues.  So, having a bunch of pens to use is certainly fine and fun.  
Personal note: for 30 years I collected pens just to collect pens, like stamps in an album.  Then, about 25 years ago, I started actually learning something about vintage pens, and spent the next quarter century lamenting my foolhardiness and ignorance.  Much more enjoyable now.  
    On Sunday, November 29, 2020, 06:44:56 PM EST, Craig Lewis <craigelewis at gmail.com> wrote:  
 This is a modern, I believe standard production, Parker?  So not in any a heritage-level piece;  that's not a knock, just a fact.  Seems like it's sell it, because you haven't used it and therefore we can reasonably infer you don't really need it...or use it.  It's not that likely it'll appreciate that fast;  too many of em out there.

If it's a limited edition, then it might make more sense to hold onto it as mint, but I still kinda doubt it will appreciate all that fast.  

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