[Zosslist] Sheaffer Ink Colors

D.J.J. Ring, Jr. n1ea at arrl.net
Fri Dec 25 00:24:44 EET 2020

Hello ZossList,

In my mind and tastes, Sheaffer made excellent fountain pen ink and in
many nice colors.

Loving peacocks and that blue that was in the center of their plumage,
I have a fond spot for the old Sheaffer Peacock Blue ink.  The closest
color now is Sheaffer Turquoise. It has more green in it than the old
Peacock Blue and I love the old color better.

But my current question - and please comment on any of the Sheaffer
inks past and present is the fabulous old Sheaffer Green ink.

For years people penned Christmas cards and envelopes with either or
both Sheaffer Green and Sheaffer Red - the red seems unchanged - but
is the green the same green?

It was very green but dark enough to be legible. Like forest green but
a shade lighter.

Anyone have any comments on these questions?

Have an inky Christmas.


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