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It would help in troubleshooting the problem if you had NOT deleted the message that you replied to.
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I am also sending it to you direct, but since I received this from the zoss list, it should come through.
Best wishes in 2021 and beyond.
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Trying to post a photo of my pens, as I am trying to initiate a one-week sale of vintage pens.  Let's see if this works.   The sale is  for one week only, until January 24th.  All pens fill and write.  
Going from left to right in the photo:

1.  Griesaber eye-drop filler CBHR pen, made about 1905--1910.  Has a medium-flex nib, marked "Griesaber,"   Writes a medium to almost broad line, depending on the pressure used.  The pen was made clipless, and has a slip-clip, probably from around 1920 or so.  Was offered at $175, now on sale for one week for $125.00, post-paid in the USA;
2.  Waterman English pen, fine nib, made in the 1940s, lever filler, GF hardware, no plating wear. Stripped green, creme, and black cap and barrel.  There is a stable crack at the top of the barrel, by the cap threads, that does not effect its use.  Originally offered at $95 dollars, now on sale for $65, postpaid in the USA.
3.  Eclipse pen, may have been made without a clip, now has a slip-on clip.  Pen probably made in the 1930s.  GF hardware, with some wear on the cap band.  The nib is marked "Eclipse" and is stainless steel.  Writes an extremely smooth fine line, and is a lever-fill.  Was offered at $60, now $35, includes shipping in the USA.
4,   Sheaffer flat-top lady's ring-top pen, junior length, usual thickness of barrel.  Pen's age is questionable, sometime around 1925-26.  the lever is affixed with a small pin, and the cap and barrel are Sheaffer's Pyralin plastic, rolled out about 1924, about the time they introduced the lifetime "white dot" --which it has.  GF hardware, no plating wear.  Nib is a #4 or 5, somewhat larger than normal for this size pen, and writes a very smooth line that I judge between a fine and a medium.  Was offered at $120, now $80, shipped postage-free in the USA.  
5.  Eclipse "Clear Vu" lever fill pen from about the mid-1930s.   May NOS, as the original descriptive sticker is still on the cap, but since I am not sure, it is not being sold as new.  Medium nib, writes a nice smooth line.  Black plastic with GF hardware, no plating wear observable.  Originally offered at $75, now $50, shipped free in thw USA.
6.  Very unusual "floatee" ballpoint pen from about 55-65 years ago.  The pen has a horse carriage that glides along the upper barrel, and the words "New Orleans" inside the clear part.  This pen writes, with a small filler obtainable from Bertram's Inkwell, or other pen stores (currently has a green refill.)  In my experience, most floatees are pencils.  Originally offered at $50, now on sale for $30, plus two dollars shipping in the USA. 
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