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R. Paul Martin zosslist375a64a2 at glib.com
Tue Jan 19 02:57:00 EET 2021

On 2021-01-17 19:38, D.J.J. Ring, Jr. wrote:
> Paul,
> It would help in troubleshooting the problem if you had NOT deleted the 
> message that you replied to.

Ah, well, I try to trim these things. I got the text, but not any 
Photographs or links. The text was as it is below now. The second time I 
got the photograph.

> The original message including the photo is in the breadcrumbs below.


> I am also sending it to you direct, but since I received this from the 
> zoss list, it should come through.
> Best wishes in 2021 and beyond.

Thanks, you too.

> On Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 4:40 PM David Silber <noyesville at yahoo.com 
> <mailto:noyesville at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>     *Trying *to post a photo of my pens, as I am trying to initiate a
>     one-week sale of vintage pens.  Let's see if this works.   The sale
>     is Inline imagefor one week only, until January 24th.  All pens fill
>     and write.
>     Going from left to right in the photo:
>     1.  Griesaber eye-drop filler CBHR pen, made about 1905--1910.  Has
>     a medium-flex nib, marked "Griesaber,"   Writes a medium to almost
>     broad line, depending on the pressure used.  The pen was made
>     clipless, and has a slip-clip, probably from around 1920 or so.  Was
>     offered at $175, now on sale for one week for $125.00, post-paid in
>     the USA;
>     2.  Waterman English pen, fine nib, made in the 1940s, lever filler,
>     GF hardware, no plating wear. Stripped green, creme, and black cap
>     and barrel.  There is a *stable crack* at the top of the barrel, by
>     the cap threads, that does not effect its use.  Originally offered
>     at $95 dollars, now on sale for $65, postpaid in the USA.
>     3.  Eclipse pen, may have been made without a clip, now has a
>     slip-on clip.  Pen probably made in the 1930s.  GF hardware, with
>     some wear on the cap band.  The nib is marked "Eclipse" and is
>     stainless steel.  Writes an extremely smooth fine line, and is a
>     lever-fill.  Was offered at $60, now $35, includes shipping in the USA.
>     4,   Sheaffer flat-top lady's ring-top pen, junior length, usual
>     thickness of barrel.  Pen's age is questionable, sometime around
>     1925-26.  the lever is affixed with a small pin, and the cap and
>     barrel are Sheaffer's Pyralin plastic, rolled out about 1924, about
>     the time they introduced the lifetime "white dot" --which it has. 
>     GF hardware, no plating wear.  Nib is a #4 or 5, somewhat larger
>     than normal for this size pen, and writes a very smooth line that I
>     judge between a fine and a medium.  Was offered at $120, now $80,
>     shipped postage-free in the USA.
>     5.  Eclipse "Clear Vu" lever fill pen from about the mid-1930s. 
>       May NOS, as the original descriptive sticker is still on the cap,
>     but since I am not sure, it is not being sold as new.  Medium nib,
>     writes a nice smooth line.  Black plastic with GF hardware, no
>     plating wear observable.  Originally offered at $75, now $50,
>     shipped free in thw USA.
>     6.  Very unusual "floatee" ballpoint pen from about 55-65 years
>     ago.  The pen has a horse carriage that glides along the upper
>     barrel, and the words "New Orleans" inside the clear part.  This pen
>     writes, with a small filler obtainable from Bertram's Inkwell, or
>     other pen stores (currently has a green refill.)  In my experience,
>     most floatees are pencils.  Originally offered at $50, now on sale
>     for $30, plus two dollars shipping in the USA.

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