[Zosslist] Pelikan Rollerballs for sale

Paul Bloch penbloch at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 01:28:26 EET 2021

Like many of you, I suppose, I am writing less these days. In my case, the
fact that I am retired, spending more time at home (COVID caution), and
have acquired a few disabilities as I age, is limiting me. This, however,
is not a report on my activities recently, but rather what I hope might be
an interesting offer, especially to Pelikan collectors. I own eight Pelikan
R200/250 rollerballs: four have the thick/thin cap band and two chicks on
each cap. The other four have a single, thin cap band, and a single chick
on the cap top. The colors on the first four are the standard Pelikan
green, blue and gray swirl, and a brown stripe, made for Levenger, I am
told. The others are black, burgundy, transparent, and one with a body with
five evenly-spaced silver bands. All are in at least excellent condition,
with nothing marring the finish. I’d like $1000 for the set, although
reasonable offers will be entertained. Shipping, free, to CONUS.

Thanks for looking.

I also have some very nice full-sized RBs and BPs I cannot use because my
hands don't like their size/weight.

Paul Bloch

penbloch at gmail.com

817 703-3101
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