[Zosslist] Speerbob pen sales

Speerbob speerbob at starpower.net
Thu Jan 21 20:38:13 EET 2021

Hi Zossers,

I was closed for several weeks for the holiday, inventory and a little 
time off.  I've come back full speed.  I have 100's of pens staged to 
sell.  102 auctions this week ending Sunday the 24th in the evening.

Check out https://www.ebay.com/str/speerbob?LH_Auction=1

Some very cool pens and pencils.  Little bit of everything.  New, 
vintage, Sheaffer, Parker, Waterman, Lamy, MB and much more. Cheers,  BOB

Robert Speerbrecher, Writing Instrument Dealer.  A Top Rated eBay Seller.
ID: SpeerBob
ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/Speerbob
Web: http://www.speerbob.com
email:  speerbob at starpower.net

I Buy Pens - One pen or a whole collection!

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